The Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

Your smile is the first thing people see when they look at you. It is your first impression and if your teeth do not look healthy, what type of impression are you actually making on them? Traditional methods like brushing and flossing are essential, but over time, coffee, sodas, and even nicotine can cause your … Read more

The latest trends in Cosmetic Dentistry UK

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry procedures available in the UK, there is plenty to smile about! The latest trends in cosmetic dentistry have been heavily influenced by the use of new technology being introduced in dental surgeries across thecountry. Both male and female patients being seen at dental surgeries are now rating having a healthy smile as the second most attractive feature of a person, next to personality in the top slot, according to research by the Oral … Read more

Traditional Dental Braces

With so many options available today to have your teeth straightened, you may wonder why choosing traditional metal braces over more modern solutions can be better for you. Traditionally, if you needed to get your teeth straightened, there was only one option available to you – metal braces. However, these days you can choose from … Read more

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used as a restorative tool to help patients that have suffered from tooth loss. Bridges are constructed of strong materials and are fashioned to match as close as possible to your natural teeth. This can help you to regain your smile when you have missing teeth that you may be selfconscious about. … Read more