The Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

Your smile is the first thing people see when they look at you. It is your first impression and if your teeth do not look healthy, what type of impression are you actually making on them? Traditional methods like brushing and flossing are essential, but over time, coffee, sodas, and even nicotine can cause your teeth to look dull or yellow.

The solution is to whiten your teeth and thankfully, we have a variety of methods used to whiten teeth. Whitening strips and gels are available at most stores and can help with certain teeth whitening needs. However, there are limits to their effectiveness. To get a truly white smile and proven results, it is best to turn to laser teeth whitening.

This procedure has been proven throughout the past decade to be among the most effective and fastest methods to have the white smile you have always dreamed of. Laser teeth whitening can improve your smile and ultimately, your life. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy by investing in your future with laser teeth whitening.

Results are Uniform

A common problem among some teeth whitening solutions is spotty results. While some teeth may be pristine white, others may showcase a yellow tint even after treatment. This can be due to user error or just an ineffective product. Investing your hard earned money in teeth whitening creams and gels only to be let down is disheartening.

Laser teeth whitening is different. Due to a highly professional staff applying the treatment, user error is almost zero possibility. Furthermore, the coverage afforded by the laser and application of the specialized gel mean total uniform results. Your teeth will be whiter than ever before without contending with embarrassing gaps in colour.

Lasting Results

A primary issue that common teeth whitening solutions can have is their inability to last. These products are only made to last a specific time. Generally, after just 6 months, discolouration can return resulting in more money spent on strips and gels purchased from a retailer. Teeth whitening can become remarkably expensive over time due to the need to constantly reapply.

Laser teeth whitening provides proven results that last. Not only can you expect to maintain results for 6 months, but most patients report laser teeth whitening that lasts for many years. To enhance teeth whitening results, dentists recommend avoiding drinks that stain your teeth such as coffee, soda, and red wine or deep coloured juices.

Gum Protection as Well

When using standard teeth whitening options, gels or strips are placed on the teeth. However, total mouth health should be addressed with these products. Although they can whiten, standard at home teeth whitening procedures tend to disregard the need to protect gums. Gums may become irritated during the procedure leading to the potential for infection after whitening teeth.

Laser teeth whitening is not only easier than products made for home use, it is healthier for your mouth as well. Professional application means the dentist has your total mouth health in mind at all times. They work to protect the gums throughout the procedure to ensure no adverse reactions occur.

Better Confidence

When you have a bright white smile, you feel like showing it off. Discoloured teeth can make you feel self conscious and that is no way to live. Whitening your teeth with laser teeth whitening means your smile will be pristine white without compromise. You will certainly want to show off the bright white results. Someone telling you that you have a beautiful smile is a true confidence booster and after the procedure, you will certainly hear that from many, many people.

Life Enhancement

We want to believe we do not judge people on their initial appearance, but no matter how far society comes in their efforts to be more inclusive, looks actually matter. A beautiful smile may seem like a small thing, but it is actually very important to a lot of people. Your smile shows off how you care for yourself.

It can tell a potential love interest that you are a clean, well maintained individual. White teeth might even tell a potential employer that you would be a great asset to their company. A shining, bright smile is an excellent face of any company. There is no limit to the life enhancement opportunities you might have by simply whitening your teeth.

Laser teeth whitening is the best way to ensure your teeth are white and your gums are healthy. At Glow Dental, you can have your teeth whitening with our professional team. Proven results from a clinic you can trust. We are located in London and service all surrounding areas. Contact us today and get your confidence back with our specialized laser teeth whitening service.