• Types of conjunctivitis

    Also known as “pink eye”, conjunctivitis is a temporary but unpleasant eye condition caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the clear, thin tissue that sits over the white part of the eye and then goes up inside the eyelid. Conjunctivitis is particularly common in young children. Although it can look unsightly it’s … Read more

  • Beauty

    What You Need To Know About Our Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatments from D A I Y A H

    Over time you may notice your smile isn’t as bright and white as it used to be. Teeth yellowing and staining is a common issue that can be managed by having professional teeth whitening treatments from a qualified cosmetic dentist such as D A I Y A H. The latest teeth whitening treatments include Philips … Read more

  • Bundle branch block: Symptoms and causes

    Bundle branch block is where a blockage or delay is present along the pathway that electrical impulses travel to produce a heartbeat. Blood is therefore likely to be less efficient in circulating. The delay or blockage can occur on the pathway that sends electrical impulses either to the left or the right side of the … Read more

  • London Rheumatology Clinic

    London Rheumatology Clinic

    Rheumatologists are pain management specialists that can help to diagnose and treat a wide range of chronic pain conditions. A lot of people will put up with certain health conditions for a long time without seeking diagnosis or help. As many as one in four people can suffer from a chronic pain issue but choose … Read more