Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used as a restorative tool to help patients that have suffered from tooth loss.

Bridges are constructed of strong materials and are fashioned to match as close as possible to your natural teeth. This can help you to regain your smile when you have missing teeth that you may be selfconscious about.

Dental bridges are made to fill the gap between teeth and can either be attached to your natural teeth or dental implants. They are specifically made to fit your mouth and to be as comfortable as possible for you to wear.

Bridges can be a great solution for replacing your missing teeth, especially if you are found to be not suitable for dental implant treatments. Dental bridges are made to look completely natural and offer both aesthetic and functional benefits.

In terms of functionality, a dental bridge allows you to eat and chew food normally, making eating a more comfortable and pleasant experience. Depending on where your teeth are missing, dental bridges can also help you to speak properly. Sometimes a gap in your teeth can alter the placement of your tongue and affect the way that sounds are made when speaking.

Because dental bridges can compensate for your lost teeth, aesthetically, they can help to boost your self-confidence, especially if your missing teeth have made you feel uncomfortable about your smile and appearance.

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