The latest trends in Cosmetic Dentistry UK

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry procedures available in the UK, there is plenty to smile about!

The latest trends in cosmetic dentistry have been heavily influenced by the use of new technology being introduced in dental surgeries across thecountry. Both male and female patients being seen at dental surgeries are now rating having a healthy smile as the second most attractive feature of a person, next to personality in the top slot, according to research by the Oral Health Foundation. So a winning smile is very important when trying to make a positive first impression.

Recent figures from market research company Mintel show that a quarter of British adults have undergone some type of cosmetic dentistry inrecent years, creating an industry that is now worth around £2 billion.

Teeth-Whitening Treatments

With the rise of more discerning dental patients who are looking for more than regular check-ups or normal drill-and-fill maintenance services, UKdentists are now seeing sharp rises in bookings for teeth whitening, teeth straightening and veneers. It seems that everyone these days wants a dazzling Hollywood smile.

Modern advances in treatment techniques means that whitening treatments are far more affordable now than ever before. Some dentists will offer the latest hi-tech ‘power-bleaching’ system where light therapy is used to stimulate coatings and active ingredients applied to the tooth surface, where other dental practices may supply kits for at-home whitening treatments. This will depend on the individual and the dental facilities available.

It is useful to note that it is illegal for anyone other than a registered dentist or dental therapist to carry out tooth whitening, so be very wary of anyone offering these services outside of a registered dental surgery.

Pain-Free Surgery

While dentist cannot guarantee a completely pain-free dental treatment, gone are the days where orthodontic treatments sometimes meant years of discomfort. With today’s more advanced technology dentist can now offer more short-term teeth straightening options that don’t involve a mouth full of metal braces.


Veneers are now becoming one of the most popular solutions to fixing a crooked smile or a jaw full of chipped teeth. Most adults can achieve a perfect smile in about six months by using a combination of modern dental treatments and almost imperceptible veneers. Most people cannot tell the difference between veneers and real teeth as they are engineered to be as natural looking as possible. It is no secret that most A-list Hollywood stars owe their show-stopping smiles to the use of veneers.

Veneers are handcrafted to fit your teeth perfectly and fit over your natural teeth to give you an evenly balanced and highly polished look. Veneers can last for many years when well looked after, and new material developments have allowed veneers to become thinner and stronger than ever.